Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Action Push Push In

Hi All.. are you miss miss Kak Boy???

why Kak Boy long dispear? Oh no... many thing bad fall on Kak Boy.. Kak Boy friend, wear Kak Boy computer, in many porno and Kak Boy computer must attack virus evil!! Very Very Dog!!

Now Kak Boy burrow Kak Boy friend computer.. and Kak Boy is am very shock find photo this.. now kak boy sharing sharing in blog.. no kak boy photo but friend photo from the internet..

Kak Boy give title photo.. push push in!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Connect Stocking Torn - Very Danger!

Very good day to friend friend is visit this blog, kak boy very happy becoz many human come see this blog.

Kak Boy quiet becoz Kak Boy is am very very busy!!

Now Kak Boy want story photo kak Boy find... very danger if happen to you.

Remember, friend friend must important save in sex. Always use connect stocking!

but if if connect stocking broken? How?

Monday, February 25, 2013


Kak Boy want story you... you listen correct correct ok...

One upon a time, Kak Boy and good friend sissy, Uglina Hazabedah walking walking at Starhil, arrive arrive we meet one Pakistan people, Uglina Hazabedah very like that pakistan people, he was really itchy and thirsty connect.

By that, we talk talk and Uglina is am taking pakistan people home.....